‘Love the cow, the cow will take care of you’, what is the Union Minister asking to do?

Discussions about cows don’t end before Valentine’s Day. Earlier, the central body ‘Animal Welfare Board of India’ (WBI) had demanded that February 14 should be observed as ‘Cow Hugging Day’. Since then the cow has been in the lime light. A variety of discussions began on the proposal. Some say it is completely unnecessary. Some also talk about the role of science behind it. However, this application was later withdrawn by the central agency. But this topic stops there. This time, Union Animal Husbandry Minister Purushottam Rupala has provided new topics of practice in that context. He said, if you take care of the cow, the cow will take care of you.

A meeting was organized at Dadichi Hall on the occasion of Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit on Saturday. The Union Minister was discussing dairy products and animal husbandry there. It was at this time that Lord Krishna gave a message to the whole world, he said. He said, those who take care of cows, cows will take care of them. Purushottam then said that these words of Lord Krishna are equally applicable even today. He also suggested everyone to come forward for this matter.

How to take care of cows? He did not shed any light on that. However, he emphasized on milk production. He said, since the time of Krishna, cows have been reared with care in India. That trend is still intact today. According to him, the name of Gokul of Uttar Pradesh especially comes up in this Gopalan. Uttar Pradesh is quite advanced in dairy trade and animal husbandry. He also expressed hope that more milk can be produced by taking care of cows in the coming days.

But it does not end here. After that he invited investors to Uttar Pradesh for cow care and more milk production. According to him, in the coming days, this state will come to the very first rank in the international level in terms of milk production. As a result, if cows can be taken care of right from now, cows will also take care of people. In his words, there is an indication that the central government is thinking big about dairy products in the coming days. And they are planning to become important at the international level through the export of dairy products.

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