Love in submission! Use these five tips to blow women’s minds on propose day

Kolkata: No more time. It is very important to say something that has not been said for a long time. It doesn’t matter if the day is a proposal day; Even if not, the proposal needs to be presented in a very nice way. And if you can create a great environment for that, the proposal is more likely to be passed.

How to tell your love to the woman of your heart! Here are some of his tips-

1. Romantic movie date

No matter what the date is, a romantic mindset is essential. So find and take a romantic picture to show the person of the heart. In keeping with the romance of the film, you can tell your own thoughts. But be careful about the hero of the film. If he didn’t like it, the movie date died in the field. Again, if there are more choices…it’s best to decide in advance what you need to do to get your proposal passed.

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2. Text proposal

There is no easier and safer way than this. Research says that 9 percent of men can’t propose in the end, their nerve strength decreases. Therefore, a beautiful message can be said from a distance. A good poem, a line of a song, be it your own or a favorite poet’s, can be presented. But be careful while writing any speech. Application should be proper.

3. Love in art

If you have an artistic sense in yourself, the way to propose must be different from everyone else. A picture of the beloved woman can be painted or a romantic song can be sung for her. A mind-blowing dance can also be done if desired.

4. gift

Who does not like to receive gifts! So it is safest to propose with a gift in hand. But you have to pay attention to the choice. You have to understand very well what kind of things he likes. Otherwise there is no benefit.

5. love in cooking

Nowadays many people live together before marriage. Cooking is a big thing for them. One can express one’s love once again by cooking a special pada. Even if it is separate, it is not permissible to take it away from home.

And those… who have been in a marital relationship for a long time? Children, the first step of life is completely lost in the fascination of the world? Or they should propose to their Bhuvanmanomhini once more. Let the game of love begin again. In that case, if you can cook it in one meal, there will be no difficulty in winning the heart. But be careful! Gas table, sink, floor, dishes etc. should be kept clean after cooking. If there is any kind of oil yellow stain anywhere, the opposite may happen, News 18 Bangla will not take responsibility for it!

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