Life expectancy is decreasing! Bone-shaking cold in Turkey, deplorable situation in Syria

Istanbul: Death toll in Turkey-Syria earthquake exceeds 21,000 Five days after the earthquake, the United Nations rescue team finally reached Syria However, the chances of someone being rescued alive under the rubble are getting slimmer

In the meantime, the rescue work is being hampered by severe cold The head of the World Health Organization is also going to Syria Earthquake Many people have lost the roof of their heads and come under the open sky They are also in danger of death due to severe cold

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Since 72 hours have passed since the earthquake, experts are claiming that there is almost no chance of survival of the people trapped under the rubble. A strong earthquake struck in the early hours of last Monday Turkey and Syria The magnitude of the tremor was 7.8 on the Richter scale Millions of people were buried under the rubble in their sleep

From the beginning, different countries of the world stood by Turkey The rescue work was also happening relatively quickly in the European country But there was a question about rescue operations in war-torn Syria But many countries including India sent aid On top of that, there was confusion about the number of casualties and casualties in the parts of Syria that were in the hands of the rebels It is reported that a convoy with relief goods has arrived in the rebel-held part of Syria for the first time since the earthquake

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Hospitals have also been destroyed in large parts of Syria due to the nearly decade-long civil war There is already a shortage of electricity and energy across the country Among them, the backs of the common people of Syria have been pushed against the wall by the terrible earthquake About four million people live in this rebel-held part of Syria They depend on the Bab al-Hawa border crossing to get essential supplies for survival For now, relief is being delivered to the people affected by the earthquake by crossing this border

On the other hand, the temperature in the earthquake-ravaged city of Gaziantep in Turkey dropped to minus five degrees on Thursday Many homeless people spend the night in cars instead of temporary tents to escape the cold Many people wrapped their children in blankets and roamed the streets all night Gyms, mosques, schools have been opened to keep people busy But it is totally insufficient in the number of people who have lost their roofs As a result, it is possible to get a place to stay by paying a lot of money For those who cannot afford it, their address is either open roads or relief camps

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