Life Expectancy In India Is Declining: Why Life Expectancy In India Is Decreasing?

Life Expectancy In India Is Declining: There was fear. The fear of the researchers proved true. Due to covid-19, the average life expectancy of mankind is decreasing. A similar report was published by the United Nations. Average life expectancy is declining worldwide.

Life Expectancy In India Is Declining

India is no exception. Between 2019 and 2021, the global average life expectancy has dropped from 72.8 to 71! But despite this disaster, the average life expectancy of women is higher than that of men, according to the report.

Why life expectancy in India is decreasing?

Surveys and researches say that mainly the cost of covid has reduced the average life expectancy of people. This sensational matter was revealed in the report of the United Nations last July 1. According to the report, the average life expectancy worldwide will decrease in the next 9 years. According to the report published by the United Nations, the average life expectancy of women is higher than that of men. The average life expectancy for women is 73.8, while for men it is 68.4.

The report also states that women live longer in every country. In Latin America, this life expectancy has increased by an average of 7 years. In Australia and New Zealand, it is about 3 (2.9 years) years. The average life expectancy gap between women and men is also wide in the world. However, in the last three decades, this gap has decreased slightly, but in 2021, the gap increased again to 5.4 years!

The report mentions that people in Australia and New Zealand have the highest life expectancy. The lowest is in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. The average life expectancy in Central and Southern Africa is 67.7 years.

In this way, the decrease in average life expectancy has been mainly attributed to hypertension. Countries such as Bolivia, Lebanon, Mexico, Oman and Russia are reported to have experienced a drop in life expectancy of more than 4 years between 2019 and 2022. The report cites a number of factors as reasons behind the lag in life expectancy in LDCs. One of the reasons for this backwardness is said to be the increased rate of infant and maternal mortality. Besides, there is an atmosphere of conflict in some countries. Added to all this is the impact of Covid-19. Corona has accelerated the decline in life expectancy, the report said.

An Oxford study was the first to report that the average life expectancy of people around the world has decreased as a result of Covid. This is the first time since World War II. The study was conducted in a total of 29 countries in the world. The United Nations gave a seal to the fear of Oxford researchers.

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