Lassa Fever Signs And Symptoms: 12 Signs, Methods Of Prevention?

Lassa Fever Signs And Symptoms: The havoc of Corona is not over all over the world yet and in the midst of this news related to a new disease related to fever is coming, whose name is Lassa Fever. The matter of concern is that this is not a normal or viral fever, but it is a rat-transmitted infection fever. Which has the ability to make a person seriously ill without any problem. In the United Kingdom, one person has died of Lassa fever. So let’s know the information related to Lassa fever, what are its symptoms, and how it can be prevented.

Lassa Fever Signs And Symptoms

Lassa fever disease Know what is Lassa fever

Lassa is a virus due to which people are getting fevers. It is a serious hemorrhagic disease, it is related to the arenavirus. The initial symptoms of Lassa Fever are not visible which is its biggest problem. Lassa fever is a dangerous virus that everyone needs to know about. For your information, let us tell you that this virus is spreading through rats. If a person comes in contact with rat feces or food that has been contaminated with them, then that person can become vulnerable to Lassa fever. Similarly, by coming in contact with the infected person, other people can also fall prey to Lassa Fever.

Lassa Fever Signs And Symptoms

lassa fever disease
  1. Flooding of a person’s lungs
  2. Hearing loss
  3. Having diarrhea
  4. Sore throat problem
  5. Brain swelling
  6. Swelling of face
  7. Blood in the intestines
  8. Vaginal bleeding
  9. Having low blood pressure
  10. Feeling short of breath
  11. Shivering in body
  12. Nausea or vomiting problem

Talking about the severe symptoms of Lassa fever, a person who is in the grip of this virus can also die as well as he can go into a coma.

Lassa fever prevention

You can prevent Lassa fever in the following ways.

  1. Stay away from rat feces and urine or its contaminated food.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating food
  3. Don’t let rats into the house
  4. Cover the food and keep it in a safe place
  5. Avoid eating raw food
  6. Wash the plate thoroughly before eating
  7. Cook food only
  8. Do not keep any dirt in your house, keep the house clean and tidy

What is Lassa Fever?

According to experts, the death rate due to Lassa fever is currently one percent. They say that the biggest problem with Lassa fever is that 80 percent of its cases are asymptomatic. Which is quite difficult to detect. Experts say that up to 15 percent of patients admitted to the hospital suffering from the Lassa virus can die.

how long does Lassa fever last

Lassa fever is a disease caused by the Lassa virus, a single-stranded RNA hemorrhagic fever virus from the family Arenaviridae. It is an acute febrile viral illness lasting one to four weeks, and occurs in some areas of West Africa and beyond.


How can I cure Lassa’s fever?

Ribavirin, Associate in Nursing medicament, has been used successfully in viral hemorrhagic fever patients. it’s been shown to be best once given early within the course of the unhealthiness.

What part of the body does Lassa fever affect?

One in five infections leads to severe sickness, wherever the virus affects many organs like the liver, spleen, and kidneys. VHF could be a zoonosis, which means that humans become infected from contact with infected animals.

What is the causative agent of Lassa fever?

Lassa fever is associated with acute infectious agent hemorrhagic health problems caused by the Lassa virus, a member of the animal virus family of viruses. Humans sometimes become infected with the Lassa virus through exposure to food or home goods contaminated with excrement or stool of infected Mastomys rats.

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