Langya Virus: After Corona, China Again Attacked the New Virus

Langya Virus: For more than two years, the entire world is in a feverish covid epidemic. Corona panic is not leaving behind anything. Sometimes the world’s corona graph is fluctuating under the influence of new variants. This virus spread from China to the whole world. Another virus was found in China.

Langya Virus: After Corona, China Again Attacked the New Virus

The virus, known as Langya henipavirus, has already infected 35 people. Let’s find out what this Langya Henipavirus is and its symptoms –

What is Langya henipavirus?

Langya henipavirus has been detected in Henan and Shandong provinces of China. In 2019, researchers at the Beijing Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology began researching the Langya virus. This virus was first seen in humans that year.

Langya Virus Found

The research team found traces of the virus in dogs and goats in the provinces of China where the Langya virus was found. It is a zoonotic infection, which spreads from animals to humans. However, Chinese researchers are investigating whether this virus can spread from person to person. It is known that the Langya virus is a member of the deadly Nipah virus family. The Nipah virus is usually spread by bats. According to the World Health Organization, this Nipah virus may cause the next epidemic in the world.

Taiwan CDC Deputy Director-General Chuang Jen-Hsiang said there is no evidence yet that the virus is transmitting from person to person. He also said that so far, about 2 percent of goats and 5 percent of dogs have been found to have this virus after serological tests.

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