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Lalgola Left Trinamool And Joined CPM: Hundreds of people left the Trinamool and joined the CPM amid unrest at home and abroad due to the arrest of Partha Chatterjee. They switched parties at a public meeting of the CPM at Lalgola in Murshidabad on Saturday.

Lalgola left Trinamool and joined CPM

Lalgola Left Trinamool And Joined CPM

About 150 local families joined the CPM public meeting in the Nasipur area of ​​Lalgola this afternoon. They left Trinamool and joined CPM. Party State Committee Member Pratikur Rahman, and District Secretary Jamir Mollah were present on this occasion.

A Trinamool leader who switched parties said, ‘There is nothing but corruption in Trinamool. Can’t do human work. Just a trick to move money. And after what happened in the last few days, I can’t show my face in the area. So I joined CPM. Whatever they do, they don’t steal.’ On this day, after the change of party, the local tribals started dancing and singing.

CPM District Secretary Jamir Mollah said, ‘Leftists have always been on the side of the people. Even if they were not in power, they were steadfast in their promises. People realized their mistakes. They are seeing with their own eyes how day by day some people have accumulated mountains of money in flats by squandering the potential of the next generation. More people will join our team in the future. The party’s program will continue for transparent recruitment and the welfare of marginalized people.

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