Kunal Ghosh-Dharmendra Pradhan Meet: ‘I’m Enjoying BJP’s Shaky Response’, Kunal Slams BJP

Kunal Ghosh-Dharmendra Pradhan Meet: The meeting between Kunal Ghosh and Dharmendra Pradhan created a stir in state politics. So the BJP state leadership issued a press release out of compulsion. BJP office secretary Prannoy Roy released a statement stating that the meeting between Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Trinamool Congress state general secretary Kunal Ghosh has been revealed in the media. This meeting was not pre-arranged.

Kunal Ghosh-Dharmendra Pradhan Meet: 'I'm enjoying BJP's shaky response', Kunal slams BJP

Kunal Ghosh-Dharmendra Pradhan Meet

What exactly was mentioned? The BJP leader’s press statement claimed that Dharmendra Pradhan went to the worker’s house for dinner. Kunal Ghosh also lives in the same residence. But he was not invited. Kunal came to the event without informing anyone. They are familiar. Dharmendra mentioned the time they spent in the Rajya Sabha. The statement claimed that the Union Minister left the place immediately.

What exactly did Kunal tweet?

What exactly did Kunal tweet? Kunal Ghosh tweeted after this BJP press statement. He tweeted two consecutively. In a tweet, Kunal Ghosh wrote, ‘Yes, by chance I met Dharmendra Pradhan, on Saturday when I was returning home. But I couldn’t think that BJP would make an unnecessary fuss over this small matter. There was no politics in this incident. The ceremony was taking place in the residence where I live. Seeing me, the local BJP workers cordially took me inside.’

What did he write in the second tweet? Kunal Ghosh wrote in the second tweet, ‘Thank you Dharmendra Pradhan for the sweet and beautiful appreciation. I did not use my former MP identity. He told BJP leaders about my speech in Parliament. Now I am enjoying BJP’s shaky response. Which proves that there is a lack of confidence in themselves. It’s really fun.’

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