Killing his girlfriends: in the fridge in Delhi, on the couch in Mumbai! Brutal murder of two young women during love season

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: The shadow of Shraddha Walker’s case is everywhere in the country. Where the body of the lover is killed and kept in the fridge, where the body of the live-in partner is killed and kept on the couch. A Delhi woman whose body was found in a roadside restaurant fridge on Tuesday was strangled to death by her live-in partner with a data cable, police sources said. On the other hand, a 37-year-old woman was allegedly murdered by her live-in partner in a rented house near Mumbai. Hardik Shah then tried to escape from Maharashtra’s Palghar district but was arrested by the railway police.

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24-year-old Sahil Gehlot killed his lover and tried to dispose of her body. Sahil had an argument with a young woman named Nikki Yadav (23). Later, Sahil killed him and kept him in the fridge of his family’s dhaba. According to sources, the car in which Nikki Yadav was murdered has been seized. He was sent to five-day police custody. Allegedly, Sahil, a 24-year-old pharma graduate, married another woman on the day of the murder. Nikki learns too late that Sahil is engaged to another woman.

After Nikki Yadav goes missing, the police trace Sahil. Nikki’s neighbors said that the missing Nikki’s home is in Jhajjre, Haryana. Meanwhile, the CCTV footage that captured him entering his house on February 9, may have been the last time he was seen alive. On the other hand, Hardik was unemployed in the Mumbai incident. And his lover named Megha used to run the family’s expenses as a nurse. According to the police, there were frequent quarrels between them, due to which this murder took place.

After killing Megha that day, Hardik put her body in the couch of the bed and sold some things in the house and ran away with the money. Police arrested him from Nagda in Madhya Pradesh after receiving information about his escape by train. Incidentally, Hardik and Megha, who were in a relationship for three years, lived together for the past six months. They moved to the rented house about a month ago. The police also said that their neighbors also said that the couple used to fight often.

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