Julie-Romeo-Honey-Bamboo next to Turkey, 4 Indian rescuers in rescue work

Turkey Earthquake Updates: Terrible earthquake in Turkey (Turkey Earthquake). Four trained Indian rescuers. The death march is now in Turkey due to the earthquake. The earthquake-ravaged area was reduced to rubble. An Indian rescue team of 101 members has already flown to Turkey for rescue work. Four specially trained Indian rescuers reached Turkey to rescue people trapped in the rubble. Atul Karwal, head of the Indian rescue team, told the media that some of the specially trained dogs were named Julie, while others were named Romeo. This team includes Honey and Rambo. The dogs are four Labrador breeds. They reach a certain place by sniffing the smell through their nose. The official of the Indian Disaster Management Department said that the four dogs have experience in rescuing dead bodies and identifying bodies from the rubble earlier.

Turkey Earthquake Reason: Earthquake hidden ominous signal! After 1999, why again devastating tremors in Turkey?
Meanwhile, already with huge relief in turkish An Indian plane has gone. The Turkish Embassy in New Delhi thanked India for this in a tweet. Firat Sunel, Ambassador of Turkey to India, wrote in a tweet, ‘Those who stand by in times of danger are true friends. Thank you very much India. When we sought help after the disaster, India was the first to come forward’. Not only in Indian territory, but also in the border areas of Turkey and Syria In an earthquake A number of specially trained paramedics are being flown from Mexico for rescue operations. In 2017, there was a terrible earthquake in Mexico. At that time, those dogs were seen taking a special role in rescue work in Mexico City.

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