Joker Malware Attack: 50 Apps Banned by Google, There Are Some Known Names

Joker Malware Attack Again. This deadly malware has spread to more than 50 apps from the Google Play Store. And that’s why Google removed the infected apps from the Play Store.

Joker Malware Attack: 50 Apps Banned by Google, There Are Some Known Names

But what if you have one of those apps on your smartphone? In that case, it will be a scandal!

Don’t stress. A list of those apps is provided at the end of this report just for you. Take a look, don’t have any of these Fake apps on your phone? If there is, it must be uninstalled immediately.

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Joker Malware Attack

Always follow these rules when it comes to apps: 

1. Don’t install anonymous and not-so-popular apps.

2. Download the app from Play Store. Not from anywhere else.

3. Check carefully before granting permission to the app.

4. Use the default app for SMS, calls, and e-mails.

5. Do not write or take pictures of important information (such as bank account details) on the phone.

Joker is the name of malware. It mainly infects various apps on Android mobile devices. This malware has been bothering Android users since the middle of last year.

After entering the user’s phone, the virus leaks contacts, device data, SMS, and browsing data. As a result, the privacy and security of the user’s device are at twelve o’clock.

Take a look at 50 Apps Banned by Google from the Play Store:

Universal PDF Scanner

Private Messenger

Premium SMS

Smart Messages

Text Emoji SMS

Blood Pressure Checker

Funny Keyboard

Memory Silent Camera

Custom Themed Keyboard

Light Messages

Themes Photo Keyboard

Send SMS

Themes Chat Messenger

Instant Messenger

Cool Keyboard

Fonts Emoji Keyboard

Mini PDF Scanner

Smart SMS Messages

Creative Emoji Keyboard

Fancy SMS

Fonts Emoji Keyboard

Personal Message

Funny Emoji Message

Magic Photo Editor

Professional Messages

All Photo Translator

Chat SMS

Smile Emoji

Wow Translator

All Language Translate

Cool Messages

Blood Pressure Diary

Chat Text SMS

Hi Text SMS

Emoji Theme Keyboard


Text SMS

Camera Translator

Come messages

Painting Photo Editor

Rich Theme Message

Quick Talk Message

Advanced SMS

Professional Messenger

Classic Game Messenger

Style Message

Private Game Messages

Timestamp Camera

Social Message

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