Is your child playing excessive video games? Be careful, the intelligence may decrease

Now more or less everyone has a computer, mobile at home, since the Corona period, everyone’s eyes were on the computer and mobile screen all day for everything to be online. So now video games are within reach of kids.

Excessive use of technology is creating various dangers. The worst affected are the children, whether it is during summer vacation or after school in the afternoon, there is almost no time to go to the field and play with friends. Be it cricket or football, or kabaddi, chess, ludo, how many no one plays anymore, everyone is having fun with video games.

Counseling of children has shown that they spend an average of two and a half hours a day playing online video games or watching TV. Most of these are spent playing video games.

What can happen with excessive video game playing?

Constantly playing video games releases a kind of hormone in the body.

Children get excited about everything.

Parents become disobedient.

The mood becomes sour.

Thinking, or imagination power decreases.

Loses patience reading books.

Can’t get along with everyone.

Around us there are fewer fields, open spaces, as a result children are not getting the space to play. Large flats have occupied the empty spaces. Even in the village there are now brick houses, so there is no way for the children to go out and play.

The functions of the game are made in such a way that the children assume them to be real. Today’s games have massive fights, shootings — which make children emotionally violent. So keep an eye on what games they are playing.

However, a modern study has revealed a sensational information. They tested some children who played video games. Their thinking power, ability to solve complex problems is high. But they must be intellectual games. These games will not have much bad effect on your baby. So there is no reason to worry too much.

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