Is it useless to wear a mask for so long? Researchers have a big claim about Covid

Corona infection started at the end of 2019. In early 2020, when a serious situation arose with Covid, the first thing scientists told everyone was to wear a mask. There is no alternative. Still, when the number of covid infections increases, the topic of masks first comes up. Strict measures have been taken to wear masks in trains, airports, streets. But this time the question is about the role of this mask. And that’s pretty strong. Currently, a group of world’s leading scientists said that the role of masks in reducing the rate of covid infection is very little.

A paper was recently published by the Cochrane Library. The research paper written by the team of 12 scientists is called ‘Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses’. After testing several cases, they found that masks do not have any special role in preventing Covid. Masks are not able to play any role in preventing not only covid but any infectious disease of lungs or respiratory system. Not just masks, the same applies to hand washing. This group of scientists thinks that there was no benefit.

What is written in this research paper? It has been said, ‘Wearing a mask is of little benefit in cases like flu or covid. For some there is no benefit at all. As it has been observed in the laboratory. The same thing has been seen in the open.’

In total, in the first phase, this test was conducted on 7799 people in three phases. In the next phase, 8407 people were tested in five stages. In both cases, it was seen that the use of masks was not particularly useful in preventing corona infection. In 2009, a study on the transmission of the flu virus was conducted, the researchers said. After that, a similar survey was conducted in 2016. And finally, they conducted this study throughout the epidemic phase.

However, some experts believe that even if normal masks do not work, N-95 may work. And they are also thinking of making a special type of N-95 mask for him. But the point is, the ideas from this new study call into question all previous ideas about how to prevent Covid infection.

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