Iran: Dancing on husband’s lap without hijab, couple jailed for 10 years in Iran

Dancing with fiancé without hijab on busy street. As soon as the video came out, the Iranian government punished the couple. Last Tuesday, the court ordered both of them to be sentenced to 10 years in prison. The name of the 20-year-old girl who is on the verge of marriage is Astiab Habibi. The young man with whom she was going to build a house, his name is Amir Mohammad Ahmadi. He is also known to be the same age as Astiab. According to local media sources, apart from jail, the couple has been banned from using the internet. Due to the jailing of this couple in the middle of the hijab movement, there is a fear of spreading unrest in Iran again. Human rights organizations claim that the government of Ibrahim Raisi unjustly sentenced the couple without regard to any law.

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According to Iranian administration sources, this couple was arrested last November. They were dancing in front of the traditional ‘Azadi Tower’ in the capital Tehran. While dancing, Mohammad Ahmadi threw his fiance in his arms and threw him into the air. Astiyab was not wearing hijab at that time. According to Iranian law, wearing the hijab is mandatory. He was immediately arrested for that reason. Note that the anti-hijab movement has been going on in Iran since September last year. However, it is not known whether this couple is involved with that movement.

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