Indian Railways had shot off a notice to Lord Hanuman for alleged encroachment on government land in Madhya Pradeshs Morena district but later withdrew it

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Amartya Sen’s land dispute is going on with Visva Bharati. A notice in this regard has also been given to Nobel laureate economist Amartya Sen by the Visva Bharati authorities. Meanwhile, Indian Railways has sent a similar notice to Lord Bangarangabali Sri Hanumanji! No, not a comedy story. This is very real. That’s what happened. Bajrangbali is given a notice that the land has been ‘encroched’ and has to be ‘recovered’ from Hanumanji. The notice was pasted on the wall of the temple by the railway department. The incident took place in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. However, the Railways later realized their mistake and withdrew the notice. The notice was issued on February 8.

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The incident started around a temple. There is a temple of Hanumanji on the railway land, which was asked to be removed by the railways. Railways informed in their notice, they will recover the land from Hanumanji! Not only to rescue, but to rescue the land, the construction of the temple will have to be demolished and how much the railway will cost to do so, the railway has also informed in that notice.

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Everything is fine. But the address itself is noisy. Which the railway did not notice. But as the notice went viral on social media and the usual jokes were being made, the railway authorities were shaken. Hastily they removed the previous notice and sent a new notice, where the railway department prepared the notice by addressing the concerned priest of that temple.

Jhansi Railway Division Public Relations Officer Manoj Mathur said that the earlier notice was issued by mistake. Now a new notice has been prepared and sent in the name of the priest of that temple. The notice was actually sent from the Division of Engineers, Jhansi Railway Division.

There was talk of moving the local Hanumanji temple for some construction work on the Sheopur-Gwalior broad gauge line. The new notice to correct the mistake was sent on February 10. This new notice was sent in the name of the temple priest Hari Shankar Sharma.

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