Indian industrialist expatriates next to earthquake-ravaged Turkey and Syria, donate 11 crores

Several countries of the world have extended their helping hand in the rescue and relief in the earthquake-ravaged areas of Turkey and Syria. A lot of relief material has already left India. This time, a personal initiative was taken to stand by the earthquake-ravaged Turkey and Syria. An expatriate Indian industrialist in the United Arab Emirates donated 11 crore rupees.

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Expatriate Indian industrialist Shamsi Vairil is said to have been born in Kerala. Later moved to United Arab Emirates. There he established a company called Burjeel Holdings. He is currently the chairman of the organization. 11 crore donated for earthquake-ravaged Syria and Turkey has been handed over to the Red Crescent of Amirshahi. The organization has conducted relief work in earthquake-hit areas.

It is reported that the 11 crores donated by Shamsir Vairil will only be used for providing medicines for the treatment of injured people in the earthquake affected areas as well as for the rehabilitation of those who lost their homes. Also, it is reported that the funds will be spent on relocating the victims of the earthquake (Turkey-Syria Earthquake). The expatriate Indian industrialist is excited to stand next to earthquake-ravaged Syria and Turkey. He thinks that this small donation of his will be able to meet the needs of the victims. Even before this, Shamsir Vairil was seen coming forward in social work. of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) The expatriate Indian resident of Amirshahi also contributed money to the relief fund.

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