Indian couple, Romeo-Julie, who saved lives in Kolkata, now also in Turkey

The shock of the news of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has not yet been handled by the whole world. Rescue work is still going on. Many are still buried under the rubble. Most of them are probably dead. The death toll is increasing. But in the meantime, two people appeared in the role of saviors in this earthquake-ravaged area. Two Indians. Romeo and Juliet. Who are they? What is their identity?

Romeo and Julie (not Juliet) are members of the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). But they are not human. Both are essential. Romeo is a 6 year old male Labrador and Julie is a 6 year old female Labrador. These two have helped in many such works before. Rescued many. This time was no exception.

Romeo and Julie were sent to Turkey from India on 8 February. A few more people were sent along. Their names are Bob, Roxy, Rambo and Honey. Total team of 6 members. Besides, 152 more people. They are the rescuers in Turkey. However, Romeo and Juliet are the most skillful rescuers.

According to the National Disaster Response Force, Romeo and Juliet saved many lives. However, a child has been told separately. The six-year-old child was trapped under the rubble for three days. All his family are dead. Only the child survived. Only Romeo and Juliet find her scent. He was eventually rescued by members of the National Disaster Response Force.

National Disaster Response Force has already become a very important department of India. At the moment there are about 18 thousand workers in it. It is accompanied by a large dog squad. There are about 140 dogs. Earlier this department worked very well during the earthquake in Nepal. Not only this, the National Disaster Response Force also helped in rescue operations during the bridge collapse in Kolkata.

All in all, this National Disaster Response Force has played a very important role in the rescue work after the earthquake in Turkey. And there is the most talked about role of Romeo and Juliet. Many people are thanking this couple for now.

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