India relies on Ukraine to stop the war, pleads to negotiate with Putin

Narendra Modi: Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. Russia’s military operations continue even after a year. India’s efforts to stop the war will be welcomed, America announced. The US said it would support any Indian effort to end the Russia-Ukraine war. In this regard, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been requested to hold talks with the Russian President. America’s National Security Council spokesman John Kirby also claimed that there is still time to end the war. A few days ago, India’s security advisor Ajit Doval went to Russia to attend the United Nations Security Council meeting on Afghanistan. Doval also met Russian President Vladimir Putin during the 2-day visit. After that, this statement of America is considered to be indicative enough to stop the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Ukraine Defense Minister : Change of Defense Minister in Ukraine in war atmosphere, Budanov replaces Oleksiy
Speaking to reporters on Friday, Kirby was asked about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mediation in ending the Ukraine-Russia war. Answering the question, he said, in ukraine There is still time to stop Russia’s military operations. The White House National Security Council spokesperson said that the US has no objection if the Indian Prime Minister takes a mediating role in ending the war. According to him, only Modi can convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to end the war. The White House National Security Council spokesman blamed Russia for the current situation in Ukraine. Kirby also spoke about the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union countries, including the United States. According to him, there was no other way than to impose sanctions on Putin’s country to solve the humanitarian crisis.

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