Imran Khan: Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was arrested

Former Pakistan Prime Minister and Tehreek-e Insaf Pakistan or PTI Chairman Imran Khan can be arrested at any moment. That possibility increased as his bail application was rejected. Imran’s lawyer applied for interim bail in Islamabad’s Anti-Terrorism Court on Wednesday. However, the PTI chairman was not present in the court at that time. Judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hasan dismissed his petition as Imran was not present.

It is to be noted that after the allegations of corruption in the Tosakhana issue, the workers-supporters of Imran’s party PTI protested in front of the office of the Election Commission of Pakistan. At that time, Imran Khan targeted the commission. After this, the Shahbaz Sharif government issued an arrest warrant against him. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan had applied for bail to avoid arrest. Which was dismissed by the Islamabad court.

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