If there is such a connection in the horoscope, there may be divorce, what does astrology say

There is no mention of divorce or divorce in our Indian astrology. Nowadays, divorce or divorce has been added to our traditional Indian astrology to match the customs, principles, and culture of the western countries with the Indian culture.

Malefic or Kru planets play the biggest role in the birth chart to cause marriage breakup. These are (Rabi, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars).

Today I will discuss before you the reasons for divorce or divorce or planetary connection in the birth chart. Venus is the karaka planet of married life. In this case the position of Venus needs to be seen.

Some planetary conjunctions in birth chart-

1. If Venus is conjoined with a malefic planet or planet (Ravi, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars) then marriage breakup happens.

2. If lord of 8th house is placed in Lagna or 7th house then there is divorce of marriage.

3. If Lagna pati is placed in sixth house then marriage separation is added.

4. If (Rahu+Saturn, Saturn+Ketu, Sun+Saturn, Saturn+Mars) juti in the 7th house in the birth chart, then divorce will occur.

5. If Saturn is placed in the 2nd house and Rahu is in the 7th house in the birth chart, then divorce is connected.

6. If Shani+Moon joins in 9th house in Janam Kundali then divorce will happen.

7. If any one or more planets of Ravi, Shani, Rahu, Ketu, Mars are placed in Lagna in Janam Kundali along with Sin or Kuru planet in 7th place then divorce will occur.

8. If Saturn is placed in the seventh house in the birth chart and is aspected by the planet Pappa or Kuru, divorce will occur.

9. Saturn + Moon conjunction in 7th house in Janam Kundali, if it is aspected by Mars, divorce will occur.

10. The seventh house or seventh lord is afflicted by sin in the birth chart. If the 7th lord joins the planet of sin or Kuru, it creates the yoga of divorce.

11. If the seventh lord falls in the birth chart, it causes problems in married life.

12. If seventh lord is placed in sixth, eighth, twelfth house in birth chart, then it causes problems in married life.

13. If the rashi changes between the 7th lord and the 6th lord in the natal chart, marriage divorce is added.

Consult an astrologer if there is such a connection in birth chart. The remedy will be different for each connection. An astrologer can tell it well.

If above number 10,11,12,conjunction is in birth chart along with bad position of Venus in birth chart then it creates situation of divorce if Venus is good then there will be problems in married life.

Some tips to strengthen the position of Venus in Kundali

The color of Venus is white so white clothes and white handkerchief should be worn on Friday.

Birds should be fed raw green mung dal on Fridays.

Green grass should be given to cows on Fridays.

Chanting Venus seed mantra is also beneficial in this case.

If one writes the name of Ram 108 times in red ink daily in a white notebook, it is a very effective method for Venus.

Hanuman Chalisha text is also effective in this regard.

Expert: Manojit De Sarkar

Contact: 8777679776

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