‘If girls are not protected at school, where else?’ Fifth grade student gang rape!

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Terrible! 4 people including the peon of the fifth grade student gang rape of the school! The heinous incident took place in a school run by Pur Nigam in Delhi. Police have arrested a 54-year-old school-peon in the case of gang-rape. 3 other people were involved in this crime with him. Police are searching for them.

The police said that the arrested peon’s name is Ajay. Originally a resident of Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. Currently resides in Ghaziabad. He was working as a peon in the school for the last 10 years. According to police sources, the incident took place on March 14. Since then the girl stopped going to school. He didn’t even take the final exam. Seeing the student absent in the examination, when the teacher contacted Tap Bhai and wanted to know the reason for the absence, the student’s brother informed the teacher about the incident.

Allegedly, the accused peon and his accomplices first took the girl away from the school to an unknown place. Then they fed him something and made him unconscious. After that, the accused gang-raped the student with his companions. A case has been filed against the accused under multiple sections including kidnapping, gang rape, POCSO. On the other hand, the medical examination of the girl has been done. He is being counselled.

The Delhi Municipal Corporation has already sent a show-cause notice to the principal of the school in this incident. At the same time, a show cause has been given to the concerned class-teacher. The MCD has been given show cause for not taking immediate action and not informing the higher authorities immediately in this incident. Apart from this, the Delhi Commission for Women has also sent notices to the Delhi Municipal Corporation and the Delhi Police. In the notice, DCW chief Swati Maliwal ordered swift and strict action against the accused in the incident. His obvious question, ‘If a girl is not protected in school, where will she be?’

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