Husbands of 4,004 women in the state’s arrest list will be nabbed from tomorrow

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma warned a few days ago. He announced that the men of the state who married girls below 18 years of age will be arrested within the next 6 months. A case will be filed against them under POCSO section. The campaign is starting from tomorrow i.e. Friday.

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The Chief Minister informed that 4004 youths of the state are on the marriage list. The government has also prepared their list according to the district. Dhubri has the highest number of cases. Action will be taken against those people from February 3. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma shared a list prepared by the Assam Police on Twitter. There he wrote, the government will see the end of minor marriage in the state. Assam Police has already prepared a list of 4004 people. Action will be taken against many more. Request everyone to cooperate with the police. The campaign will start from February 3.

According to the Assam Police list, Dhaburi has the highest number of child marriage cases (370), followed by Hojai (255), Udalguri (255) districts. Guwahati Police Commissionerate has 192 such cases.

The Assam government has announced a strict law to prevent child marriage and motherhood. The government of Himanta Biswa Sharma has decided to file a case under the POCSO Act against those men who marry minor girls. Legal action will be taken against men who marry girls between 14-18. On Monday, the decision was taken in the Assam cabinet.

In an event on Saturday, Himanta Biswa Sharma said that the husbands of hundreds of thousands of women in the state will be arrested in the next 5-6 months because it is a crime to have sexual relations with a girl below 14 years of age. I Act will apply in the case of husband-wife relationship.

The marriage age for girls in the country is 18 years. But in countries like India, thousands of girls are still married before the age of 18. There can be many reasons behind that marriage. Assam government’s statement, these will not work. Men who marry minor girls will be jailed.

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