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NASA Dart Mission

NASA The US space agency has launched an experimental mission to protect the Earth from the asteroid impact.

NASA’s ‘Dart‘ spacecraft is set to embark on Wednesday to test a technology to push an asteroid approaching Earth from its orbit. The test will be performed on an asteroid called Dinos.

Earth From The Asteroid Impact

The NASA spacecraft will hit it and then test it to see if there is any change in its orbit and speed. That being said, this is the first human experiment – an attempt to change the orbit of an asteroid to save the Earth.

What Happens If An Asteroid Hits Earth?

The proposal to destroy a large asteroid orbiting in space before it hit Earth has been under consideration for a long time. This is because if an asteroid hundreds of meters wide hits the Earth – then the catastrophe that could happen,

It will be so massive that it will be felt across an entire continent.

It is said that if an asteroid 160 meters wide explodes, it will be many times more powerful than an atomic bomb. It will wreak havoc on populated areas and kill thousands.

Earth safe for 100 years from asteroid impact: NASA A giant volcano that escaped the Earth’s sky was spotted on a spacecraft capsule in a capsule returning from space.

And the destruction that would happen if an asteroid 300 meters or more hit Earth – would cover an area as large as an entire continent. If the Earth collides with an asteroid larger than 1 km – it will cause damage all over the world.

‘Dimorphos’ Is Not A Threat

However, the asteroid that will be tested, called Dimfos, is no longer a threat to Earth. Kelly Fast, of NASA’s Office of the Planetary Defense Coordinator, says there is little that can be done to change the speed of Dimfrose by hitting him with a dart. “But if an asteroid can be identified before it hits, Oituku change is enough to avoid it,” he said.

A Falcon-Nine rocket carrying this ‘Dart’ spacecraft will be launched from the Vandenberg Space Force base in Varese, California on Wednesday.

The cost of this mission is 325 million dollars.

What Are These Asteroids Roaming In Space?

These asteroids are the remnants of the planets and satellites that make up the solar system. These also revolve around the Sun, but their orbits can occasionally fall into the Earth’s orbit, and if they come to a point by chance, they may collide head-on with the Earth and the asteroids, although this is extremely rare.

Tom Statler, a scientist with the mission, said: “There are many more asteroids than there are larger asteroids. The US Congress instructed NASA in 2005 to locate and monitor 90 percent of asteroids more than 140 meters wide near the Earth.

It has been observed that no asteroid of this class would pose an immediate threat to Earth, but only 40 percent of such asteroids have actually been discovered.

How Big Is This Dimorphos Asteroid?

The target of NASA’s Dart spacecraft is a pair of asteroids called ‘binary’ because one of them revolves around the other. The largest of these is called Didimas – which is 60 meters wide. The sixth is called Dimorphos – it is 163 meters wide. After the launch of the DART spacecraft, it will first pass through the Earth’s gravity and go into space, orbiting the Sun in its own orbit.

Asteroid Impact

Then, by September 2022, when the pair of asteroids come within 600,000 miles of Earth, Dart will collide with one of them. Dart has a camera called Draco on his body. This camera will capture images of two asteroids – which will help the vehicle hit the dimorphous accurately.

Dart will hit Dimfos at a speed of about 15,000 miles per hour. This will reduce the speed of the asteroid, even if it is very small – a fraction of a millimeter per second. As a result, its orbit will change slightly. Although this change is small, scientists think that such a change of direction will be enough to avoid a collision with the Earth.

Dart’s image of the asteroid hitting the planet will be sent to Earth for another short trip – called Lisiakube. It was made by Italy and will be mated 10 days before the injury. The extent to which this trajectory changes the direction of Dimfos – or at all – will be measured by a telescope from Earth.

It is thought that this trajectory will change by one percent, and it will take weeks or months to measure. Scientists are still unaware of whether the asteroid’s internal structure is likely to change the direction of Dimfos as a result of Dart’s impact. This method of removing an asteroid that is dangerous for the Earth by hitting it is called the Kinetic Impact Technique.

However, there are some other thoughts. One of them is to slowly remove the asteroid from its orbit. The other is: hitting the asteroid with an atomic bomb. There have been two movies in Hollywood called ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Deep Impact’ with this option.

How To Prevent Meteor Impact


Q. How Big Is This Dimorphos Asteroid?

A. Dimorphos – it is 163 meters wide.

Q. NASA experimental mission to protect the Earth from the asteroid impact mission Cost?

A. The cost of this mission is 325 million dollars.

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