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How To Lose Weight Fast: When it comes to weight loss, we do nothing. I pay special attention to everything from exercise to proper diet. We even try to keep track of what we eat, and how much we eat. Maintain a specific diet chart. But we usually don’t pay attention to what kind of drinks we are drinking and how much.

How To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight fast without exercise

Fastest Weight Loss Way: Not only diet but also proper drinking plays an important role in weight loss. So while following the diet, one needs to pay equal attention to the type and quantity of drinks consumed in a day. There are certain beverages that, when consumed, can hinder the weight loss process. Check out what they are –

1) Packed fruit juice

Packed fruit juice

Fruit juices rich in vitamins and minerals are very beneficial for health. Fruit juice helps to perform all the internal functions of the body well and helps in weight loss. But all these benefits apply only to fresh fruit juice. Because the packaged fruit juices available on the market contain a lot of sugar and preservatives, which can hinder our weight loss process.

2) Sweet tea

Sweet tea

Green tea, herbal tea, and black tea, of them, are very beneficial for health. But there is only one condition while enjoying this tea, no sugar or artificial sweeteners can be used. Sweet tea can hinder your weight loss process. Moreover, the consumption of packaged sweet iced tea in the market should also be avoided. Because in a bottle of sweetened ice tea, there are 200 to 450 calories, which can easily ruin your diet.

3) Energy drinks

Energy drinks

Many of us like to drink energy drinks to get rid of fatigue after exercise. But sugar and flavored energy drinks are never ideal drinks. Sports drinks or energy drinks contain large amounts of added sugar and artificial flavors, which can cause inflammation in the body. So can drink bottled water or fresh fruit juice etc.

4) Consuming alcohol

Consuming alcohol

When it comes to weight loss, it is very important to keep an eye on alcohol intake. Most alcohol is high in calories and when mixed with cold drinks, the calorie count increases even more.

5) Drinking an insufficient amount of water

Drinking an insufficient amount of water

We often neglect to drink enough water. But to keep the body healthy and lose weight, drinking enough water is very important. Water keeps the body hydrated, flushes out toxins, and also helps increase metabolism. So drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily.

6) Low-protein smoothies

Low-protein smoothies

Smoothies are made by blending several fruits. It can be a high-calorie drink without a protein source. So you get hungry within moments of drinking a low-protein smoothie. So, make sure to use protein like yogurt, kefir, or protein powder when making smoothies. Protein-rich smoothies help keep the stomach full for longer.

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