How To Lose Weight 3 Months: Truth Discovered By A Delhi Student

How To Lose Weight 3 Months | How To Lose Weight Healthy Food | How To Lose Weight 4 Easy Steps | A New Way To Lose Weight | Best Way To Lose Weight 2022 | Weight Loss Without Exercise |

A New Way To Lose Weight: A meritorious student from New Delhi has been given an Excellence Award in the field of health for discovering a new way to lose weight – using no chemicals in this method and losing 12 pounds/week and one does not need to starve or exercise.

How To Lose Weight 3 Months

How To Lose Weight 3 Months

Best Way To Lose Weight 2022

In the summer of 2019, a very strange thing happened at the European Congress on the list of endocrinologists. Sitting in the hall, the whole crowd applauded a girl for 10 minutes. This student was Anuradha Patel who studied in Delhi. He has created a very unique formula that in a very short time people become thinner and food should be avoided.

A New Way To Lose Weight

Gave a very good idea and science centers around the world implemented it immediately. Specialists from the Institute of Endocrinologists, the University of Pharmacy of Medicine, Biological Research and Development, and many other organizations began to develop drugs. Its medicines have been made and the results have been great.

Reporter: “” Anuradha, you are one of the 10 smart students of medicine universities around the world. Why did you decide to fight overweight? “

“I don’t talk about it openly but I was very inspired by it. A few years ago my mother died of high blood pressure because she was overweight. Everything was going well but suddenly she was paralyzed at night and died of severe pain and my grandmother’s Death also happened that after that I started reading everything related to obesity and started to get rid of it know I was very surprised to hear that dieting, exercise, medication, and liposuction – 90% of the cases have damaged my health and made the problem worse. Mom practiced all kinds of diets and aerobics for about 5 years!

I have paid a lot of attention to this in the last 3 years. In fact, it is this treatment that has become so popular today that came to my mind when I was writing my thesis. When I realized that I had to invent something new, I didn’t know that so many companies would be interested in it. “

“What kind of organization are you talking about?

Whenever everyone found out about my weight loss way, I started getting a lot of offers to sell my idea. The first offer came from the French who offered me 120,000 euros. A holding company in the United States recently offered me 35 million. I changed my phone number and even stopped going to any kind of social network because people were bothering me with offers all day. “

“As far as I know, you haven’t sold the formula yet?

No, I did not sell at all. This may sound strange, but I did not make the formula so that foreigners could benefit from it. What do you think if I sell this formula outside the country? These people will get patents for it, will not allow anyone else to make drugs based on it and its rates will increase manifold. I’m definitely young but I’m not stupid. Thus, Indian citizens will not get a chance to recover. A doctor from abroad told me that this kind of medicine should cost at least 3000 dollars. It’s really weird! After all, how many people in India would be able to spend 3000 dollars on it?

That’s why I immediately accepted an invitation to develop this product. I have worked with the best experts in research and development at the Institute of Endocrinology, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Institute of Biology and Nutrition. It was a great experience. Its clinical trials have just been completed and the drug is available to the public. “

Dr. Nitesh Patel, who was the coordinator of medical development – an endocrinologist in England and an MPU educator – is what we tell them about new drugs and plans ahead.

How To Lose Weight Healthy Food

Reporter: What is in Anuradha Patel’s formula? Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and sports?

See, the concept of Anuradha is the same as the GPS of mobile, it tells us the shortest way to lose weight. Not only this, it affects the whole life.

“Appetite-based medicines contain super antioxidants that send signals to a part of the brain that it stops accumulating calories and subcutaneous fat and suppresses cravings for junk food. It’s called Green Coffee Slim Fit.

It said. Stomach food is instantly converted into energy or stored as fat. Green coffee lowers the levels of PRP protein in the body. This protein is found in sebaceous tissues of the body and is responsible for burning body fat. When protein levels are low, fat tissue is destroyed and weight loss begins without physical activity or dieting. “

The participants’ results in the Bentonite trial were as follows:

Lose Weight 2022
Lose Weight 2022
Lose Weight 2022

A new way to lose weight

Reporter: Great! Will your drugstore be available? And how much will it cost?

Whenever the companies find out that we have developed a very effective drug, the drug companies start attacking us in every possible way. I think you know that he asked Anuradha to sell his formula. But these people did not want to make medicine from it. These people wanted to stop this drug from coming on the market. See, the treatment of obesity in the world drug market is making a lot of money today. In India alone, these companies make billions under such pressure. Our product has the potential to completely change this situation. After all, who would waste their money on ineffective weight loss methods when Slim Fit Coffee Coffee One Course can eliminate obesity forever.

Drug stores are partners of pharmaceutical companies. These two work together. They are also directly affected by the low sales of drugs and so they are very annoying to us and our drugs. However, it is the only drug recommended by the Indian Institute of Biological Nutrition for the research and development of obesity. “

Reporter: Where would we buy it if it wasn’t found among chemists?

We decided that we would sell it without the help of chemists, so these people would not want to do business with us anyway. That’s why we distribute green coffee directly and none of it. We thought of several ways and adopted the most effective method. Those who want to have green coffee will have to take part in a lottery and if they are contacted after that they will get free advice and medicine. According to decision No. 5 of 2019 of the Biology Nutrition Institute of Research and Development, everyone can participate in the lottery. Nowadays everyone has internet. If everyone does not have a computer, then there is internet on mobile. “

Everyone can participate in the draw 21.01.2022 (included). The campaign is being conducted in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Biology and Nutrition in Research and Development so everyone can get information about the drug. We hope that this news was made very soon and all the patients who are relieved from this will also tell their relatives about it.

Reporter: How much is this medicine? Weight Loss Without Exercise

It costs about 000 14,000 to make. At the moment we are talking to the Institute of Biology and Nutrition Research and Development of India and we are bringing ACD that the buyer has to pay almost nothing. Our effort is to reduce prices by more than 90%. The good news is that our experts also believe that this kind of medicine is accessible to all and should not be inherited by VIPs. Instead, we have decided that we will not sell this formula abroad or export the drug so that it is only available in India. “

Weight Loss Without Exercise

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