How Is The Machine Counting Money So Fast? Know The Secret

How Is The Machine Counting Money So Fast: Crores of cash in Arpita Mukherjee’s multiple flats. A special machine is being brought to count that money. And that is normal. It is not possible to count 20-30 million rupees by hand!

But this report is not about them. Here we will know about a small matter.

How Is The Machine Counting Money So Fast?

We all have seen this machine at the bank counter. The machine is counting the bundles of notes in no time. Partha Chatterjee-ED’s reign has seen his vision on TV lately. Do you know how this money counting machine works?

To use the machine, the bundle of notes is first stacked in one of its compartments. The notes are then mechanically pulled through the device. The machine counts the notes each time the light beam is interrupted.

Simply put,

1. Bundles of notes are placed at a specific location.

2. There is a beam of light from one side of it to the other.

3. The notes are then mechanically moved quickly from one side to the other.

4. In the process of doing this, each time the light beam is interrupted, the exact number of notes is counted.

Note counting machines are the first choice in such work for their accuracy, fatiguelessness, and speed. Experts say that typically, a note-counting machine takes about 1 minute to count 1,000 notes.

‘I am a salaried employee, not the owner’, claimed Arpita to the ED. After seeing the live telecast of the money, Arpita looked at Partha Chatterjee and said, ‘Sir, so much money was kept in my house? believe I did not know about so much money.’

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