How did Juan of Spain send secret information to the Nazis in World War II?

When the whole world was in a frenzy over the Chinese spy balloon to spy on America, an incident came to light. Spain’s Juan Pujol Garcia continued to smuggle information from Germany day after day in the chicken business during the Second World War. And he did it without bloodshed. No one noticed it in the rotation. Juan’s father owned a cotton factory in Spain. As a child, he was like any other ordinary boy. He had no aim in life. Juan almost disagreed with his father about this. After his father’s death, Juan stopped the cotton business in Spain. Started chicken business.

Chinese Spy Balloon: Concerns about Chinese spy balloons in the US sky, surveillance by the Pentagon
At this time the civil war started in Spain. Joined army for 6 months military training. Then the alarm of the Second World War rang out. After completing his military career, Juan plans to pursue a career as a spy. He was always anti-German. The British thought it was ideal to stop the Nazis. What you think is what you do. Directly reached the British Army. He offered to spy for the British. However, at that time the British rejected his proposal.

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