Historical and Benazir! Saudi Arabia is sending a female astronaut into space for the first time

Riyadh: Unprecedented decision of Saudi Arabia. This desert has taken a historic step to get out of its so-called conservative image and step on the path of progress. They decided to send a female astronaut to the International Space Station for the first time.

Adventurer Rayana Barnawick has been chosen to implement this historic project. He will stay at the International Space Station for ten days. But he is not alone. He will be accompanied by another Saudi astronaut, Ali Al-Qarni. The exact date from which this campaign will start is not yet known. But it is heard that it may start in the second half of this year.

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The initiator of this expedition is the international organization ‘Axiom Space’. Next to them are several administrative departments of Saudi Arabia. Astronauts Rayana and Ali will be transported by spacecraft to the International Space Station. Besides the two of them, Peggy Whitson might be there. This will be the fourth space mission of this former NASA astronaut. In addition, Joff Shafner will be in the driver’s seat of the spacecraft.

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