Heatwave Trend: UN’s Catastrophic Prediction Of Heat Wave, Know Their Message

Heatwave Trend: The world is in a state of chaos. Europe in turmoil. Western European countries were ravaged by unbearable heat. Disrupt their public life. In this situation, everyone wants the violence to subside. But what did the United Nations say about Davdah in that situation?

Heatwave Trend

Heatwave Trend: UN’s Catastrophic Prediction Of Heat Wave

The UN says these flare-ups will become more regular and abnormal temperatures will gradually become more normal. Not only that, they say, this trend will continue until at least 2060. On Tuesday, the United Nations warned the people of the world about the explosion.

WMO held a joint press conference with the World Health Organization in Geneva on the ongoing outbreak in Western European countries. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the heat wave is a warning sign for countries that emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The head of the World Meteorological Organization, Petteri Talas, told a press conference in Geneva that fires will become more normal and regular and this trend will continue. At least until the 2060s. We are breaking one temperature record after another because of climate change. Such claims are going to become normal in the future. We may see even more fire than this. Petteri Talas also said that carbon emissions are increasing. If carbon emissions are not brought within limits now, they may peak in the 2060s. Large Asian countries in particular need to reduce carbon emissions.

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