Heatwave Is Now In Germany: This Time In Germany Too, The ‘Heat Aid’ Project Has Been Launched

Heatwave Is Now In Germany

Heatwave Is Now In Germany: the temperature will reach 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of Germany on Tuesday. However, the temperature in Germany has been around 30 degrees Celsius for several days. It was also said that it will gradually increase from Monday.

The ‘Heat Aid’ Project Has Been Launched

The Association of German Municipalities has warned of water shortages in parts of Germany due to the country’s drought. A project called ‘Heat Aid’ has also been launched for the homeless in Berlin. For those who will be affected by extreme heat, every day from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm stay at home, baths and rest have been arranged.

After the extreme heat and fires in the countries of Southern Europe for the past few days, the outbreak of fires has also spread in the countries of Central and Northern Europe. Hundreds of people have died in extreme weather.

A German newspaper published a report entitled ‘Fire in Europe this summer. Said, in southern Europe, fires are going on in the forests of France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Portugal, and Greece. It will take years to recover the amount of damage it causes. The agriculture of these countries is being damaged due to the fires. Many people have to leave their homes due to forest fires.

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