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Heart Problem After COVID: People from both groups are suffering from heart problems due to corona.

Heart Problem After COVID

Heart Problems After COVID: Treatment, Covid Myocarditis

The first group of people is those who already suffer from heart problems and follow the advice of a regular cardiologist. Then they have not been done and because of that, they are in trouble. The second group includes seemingly healthy people. People in this group have never had a heart problem before. Then he was attacked by corona. Heart problems have been seen since then.

What are some of the heart failure problems you are talking about?

Heart Problem Symptoms

There are many types of heart failure problems such as –

1. Angioplasty or bypass has been performed.

2. The pacemaker has been installed.

3. The heart has less ability to pump blood.

4. The heart has a rhythmic problem with contractile expansion.

5. Medications for heart problems are taken regularly.

Now it remains to be seen what kind of problems this type of rage is having during or after Kovid has recovered.

What Are The Complications Of An Angry Person Who Already Has Heart Problems?

Heart failure: After the outbreak of the corona epidemic, heart patients were not able to follow the advice of regular doctors. The dose of the drug has not changed. Besides, some tests were required but could not be done. In addition, many angry people have stopped taking medicine for a while. As a result, various complications have already been created. That’s one aspect.

The other side is that he is in danger of getting hurt if he doesn’t get angry suddenly. Covid increases the tendency of the blood to clot. That is, covid thickens the blood. So people who already have coronary artery disease and have had angioplasty or bypass are at increased risk of having a heart attack again.

This is not the end. Heart rhythm problems are also seen to increase among those who already have a lack of heart rhythm and are taking medication for that reason. In addition, the lungs of Covid are severely damaged. corona causes blood to clot inside the pulmonary arteries of the lungs. This problem is called pulmonary thromboembolism. In the case of some rages, the problem is so complex that the rage is raging. To protect the patient from this horrible situation, he has to be given anticoagulant drugs. The problem is that pulmonary thromboembolism causes extensive lung damage.

As a result, even after being discharged from the hospital, Ragi has been taking blood thinners for more than a month. One of the major problems with pulmonary thromboembolism is that the right side of the heart becomes enlarged. As a result, the heart’s ability to pump blood is reduced. Covid also causes a decrease in the heart’s ability to pump due to inflammation of the heart muscle or myocarditis.

Heart Problem Caused By Covid (Covid And Heart Damage)

There are two types of problems in this group of people

1) People in this group are also being affected by pulmonary embolism. As a result, their heart is getting bigger and their ability to pump their heart is being lost.

2) Many people are suffering from heart rhythm disorders after being affected by Corona. This means that the heart rate is getting too low or the heart rate is getting too high and becoming irregular which is called atrial fibrillation (AF) in medical terms.

However, in this context, it should be noted that some medications are given to treat corona, which can also cause a decrease in heart rate. Inflammation of the heart muscle may be responsible for such incidents. This problem is called myocarditis or covid myocarditis. The heart’s ability to pump is also reduced by myocarditis.

Heart Problem Caused By Covid

Myocarditis goes away on its own in some cases. In some cases, myocarditis has been a problem for a long time. Thus the normal pumping function of the heart is 70-75 percent. However, due to covid myocarditis, the pumping function of the heart is becoming 30 to 40 percent. Even chronic heart failure from this condition is not surprising. Remember that this type of anger does not have a heart block problem. However, only for myocarditis, did heart rhythm problems occur. The problem is, in some cases, this type of angry heart problem occurs even after a couple of months.

covid myocardial infarction: Is There No Cure For Myocarditis?

In some cases, myocarditis goes away on its own. In some cases, myocarditis does not go away. It is not possible to say in advance in whose case you will fertilize and who will not fertilize. However, 50 to 60 percent. In this case, the problem of angry myocarditis goes away on its own. Not cured in 40 percent of cases. Seen. The severity of COVID-19 symptoms also depends on whether or not myocarditis is cured. In the case of acute symptoms, myocarditis is more likely to be a problem.

Young People Can Be Infected?

Anger at all ages is affecting this problem. We also see a 20-year-old patient. If you have a heart problem beforehand, the risk of developing myocarditis is increased. How will the treatment be?

Whether he has a heart problem or not, if he is admitted with an angry covid problem, his ECG will be echoed. If heart rhythm or pumping problems are found, heart problems should be treated as well. Secondly, even after recovering from anger, if you are suffering from various physical weaknesses, you should seek the advice of a doctor. Some tests should be done according to the doctor’s advice. If a heart problem is found, that anger should be treated properly. Because we see that the rate of death due to sudden cardiac arrest has increased a lot after recovering from colic.

• You reported that many people still have heart problems after two months of recovering from covid. In that case, as a precautionary measure, what tests should be done within how many days of recovery from covid?

After recovering from Covid, many people are coming who have big problems with heart rates. The doctor is complaining angrily, my heart rate is going to be 50 once and then going to 130 again on the blood pressure machine or pulse oximeter. Many people also have problems with high or low blood pressure. Therefore, after the recovery from Covid, every patient should be treated according to the doctor’s advice. One month after being discharged from the hospital, the doctor may allow Ragi to undergo ECG and echo once again.

Covid And Heart Damage

Even if the report of this stage is correct, it should be followed as per the advice of the doctor. The problem is that without our knowledge, Covid continues to cause various kinds of damage. Covid is even damaging the nerves. The nerve endings are affected. Also in heart health. We have even treated patients whose cochlear infections affected the electrical circuit of the heart. This resulted in heart rhythm problems during hospitalization due to covid infection.

Even this anger can be seen to be a problem. This was due to a minor stroke of anger. However, Ragi recovered. As a result, it remains to be seen how many complications Covid can bring. So Ragi has to be very careful during Kovid and even after recovering from Covid.


Q. Can heart disease be cured?

A. Yes, all heart diseases are cured with The Help of Ayurveda and Pranayam. And Also Need a DIP diet.

Q. Which fruit is best for the heart?

A. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. But The Best fruit for the Heart is pomegranate.

Q. Can heart problems cause stomach bloating?

A. Some non-GI diseases, such as congestive heart failure and cirrhosis of the liver, can also cause bloating by causing fluid accumulation in the abdomen.

Q. What does COVID-19 do to the cardiovascular system?

A. The virus can cause acute myocardial injury and chronic damage to the cardiovascular system.

Q. What are the complications of COVID-19?

A. Complications may include pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), multi-organ failure, septic shock, and death.

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