He is willing to be the lover of single girls, but he has to pay ‘rent’, who knows how much

Valentine’s Day is a very happy day for many people. Especially for those who have a special person in their life. This day is also very memorable for married couples. But for those who are single, February 14 is a day of great sadness. They spend this day alone. It is no longer possible to go somewhere with someone, go out to eat or go to a movie. Because this day, as many say, is ‘Couple’s Day only’. But everyone is sitting so upset! Some are also interested in finding their loved ones. Someone wants to ‘hire’ himself as a boyfriend. The word of such a person spread in the net world.

31-year-old Shakul Gupta has made such a proposal on Netdunya. He is still single. As a result, he is willing to rent himself. This opportunity is available for those who are worried about being single. In a post on his Instagram, Shakul Gupta is seen holding a ‘Boyfriend on Rent’ poster. He is giving this opportunity on the occasion of Valentine’s Day? According to him, the service will continue not only on Valentine’s Day, but also beyond. His services first went viral in 2018. Since then, Shakul has served a total of 50 single girls. Have ‘dated’ them in various ways. Spent close time with them. Even cooked and fed several times. According to him, the date experience is quite good.

But what is not talked about is the cost. How much do singles have to spend to spend time with him? In response, he said that he is not providing this service for any commercial interest or physical desire. So he is providing the service absolutely free. Single girls can spend Valentine’s Day with him without any money. Shakul Gupta wants to see only their smiling faces instead of service.

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