He delivers food across the city sitting in a wheelchair, what the young man said in the video

Office hours. Busy city streets. Sometimes the car stops at the signal. A wheelchair is standing in it. Many people can be seen in such wheelchairs on the streets of the city. This is how specially abled people travel. However, the one who was seen on the streets of the city this evening, although he is particularly capable, is a little different from the others. Wearing his Zomato outfit. Backpack food bag. He is going to deliver food even though he drives a wheel chair like others! This incident makes the entire Netdunya awestruck.

A man on a bike was returning home this evening. That’s when he saw the scene. The delivery boy was immediately caught on camera. As the car stopped at the signal, he went ahead and spoke to him. He was asked from behind the camera, do all the deliveries while sitting in a wheel chair? In response, the person said, ‘Absolutely! That’s what I do.’ Then the videographer asked, can share the video on the Internet! Then the delivery boy nodded and agreed. The videographer said while recording, ‘Many are told there is no work, there is no work. If you want to work, you can work anyway.’ The person must have the strength of mind to answer this. Then whatever happens, you can work. At the same time, he said, if you have courage, you can overcome any obstacle in life.

The video was posted on Twitter by the videographer. After that, the story of the delivery boy went viral. Netizens burst out in praise. Many saluted him for working in this way after overcoming obstacles. A reply from Zomato’s official account is posted on the video. A GIF is posted on it. The organization can be seen boasting as ‘our hero’. A netizen wrote in a reply to the video, Thanks Zomato for facilitating the work of such people. But another person raised the question, you are paying this worker enough!

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