Google Doodle: He Is A Physicist As Well As A Musician, Google Doodle Pays Tribute To Him

Google Doodle: He is a German music composer and physicist. Google paid tribute to Oscar Salah on his 112th birthday with a doodle.

Google Doodle is a German music composer and physicist

He is the inventor of a technology called Mixture-Trautonium. As a result, television, radio, and film technology came to a standstill. A change that has been carried forward by later sound technology.

Salar was born in Germany in 1910. His father was an ophthalmologist. But his father had musical talent. And his mother was a singer. There is no doubt that the musical talent of his parents influenced him. The violin and piano were taken up first. He was only a teenager of 14 years. The fascinating pull of Trautnium came in the gap of music practice. Unable to avoid his hand, the physicist began to read Sala.

What is this mixture-trautonium?

It is actually a sound mixing technology. Let’s say, we have to create a soundscape, where there will be bird calls, the sound of hammers, and the sound of doors and windows slamming together. Mixture-Trautnium will make this work effortless.

By inventing this method, Sala advanced sound mixing by several ages. Sala’s memorable works with sound are the music and atmosphere compositions for Rosemary (1959) and The Birds (1962).

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