‘God is neither male nor female’, comments British Church

Liberal policy may be taken in the matter of worship. Thinking about new ideas and initiatives. The Church of England is reportedly considering replacing the words ‘He Him and Father’ with a more ‘generous’ term. A new commission has been formed. In fact, the Church is considering a new project to discuss this issue, where liberal words will be devised to address God in a gender neutral way, neither male nor female. However, there is no change in the tradition that has been going on for ages. Informed circles believe that the move is an attempt to convey a message of gender equality. This move was made to allow for a more liberal use of words during prayer rather than determining gender.

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What exactly is the matter?
The Church of England is reportedly looking into alternatives to addressing God as ‘Him, Him and Father’. A commission has also been constituted for this purpose. This commission will consider the whole matter. However, the decision of the Church (the decision of the Synod having the power to determine the decision of the Church of England) will be considered supreme in the case of any alternative wording. Why is God addressed as male or female? This was questioned. Some observed that more ‘liberal’ terms should be used in addressing God without making any gender distinctions.

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