Fresh cells settled inside the brain, sight returned, new research in the treatment of the blind

Scientists implanted a part of the human brain in the brain of a mouse to restore eye sight. A group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have also succeeded in this replacement. An important part of the human brain is artificially modified in the lab. The scientists then implanted the part into the brains of blind mice in a special way. Scientists have recently succeeded in this brain cell transplant experiment.

The mice selected for the experiment were brain damaged. The part of the ghilu that maintains the eyesight was rendered useless. In this experiment, the scientists replaced the useless part. The same part of the human brain is artificially created in the lab. It is then implanted into the brain of mice. It can be seen that the sight of the blind mouse has returned after a few days. After this success, scientists think that the research to bring back human vision has progressed a lot.

Issac Chen, a professor of neurosurgery at the University of Pennsylvania, told the Independent news media that the scientists replaced the entire tissue (tissue) in this experiment, not the cells responsible for vision loss. According to him, the brain has a structural similarity with the various cells and tissues of the brain. This test focuses on that particular cell ‘neuron’. This is done to understand the structure of the brain.

Scientists use a special method to test how the transplanted banana is working. For this, a fluorescent virus is used. This virus is used to understand whether the eye is functioning properly. It is injected into the eyes of rats. It can be seen that the fluorescent virus travels along the optic nerve to the brain. Finally it reaches the newly planted banana itself. As a result, scientists can understand that the experiment was successful. Also, there is evidence that the implanted banana can work in harmony with the brain.

Scientists believe that damage to any part of the brain can be repaired with this method. Work on that has already started. Researchers say that they will continue to try to heal the brain by placing artificially created neurons in the brain cortex in a special process.

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