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Food combinations to avoid

(Some food combinations whose intake may cause harm)

Ayurveda says pathya or a good diet safeguards the health and maintains the equilibrium of dosas while apathy or an unfavorable diet adversely affects health and aggravates dosas. The diet can be of various types. Some incompatible food, by nature, is heavy, they provoke the dosas and cause disease. While many of these foods by nature are very beneficial and health-promoting when consumed alone but become incompatible when taken along with other foods or when taken at a particular time, season, or cooked in a particular container.

Food Combinations To Avoid

Instead of benefitting health, they may harm the body and become the cause of several diseases. This includes an opposing combination of substances that do not have an affinity for each other. Such foods are incompatible because they corrupt the dhātus, aggravate the dosas, and cause an imbalance in the constituents of useful body secretions.

They do not allow generated wastes to be eliminated smoothly. In this way, at times serious problems develop in the body and the correct diagnosis of their cause becomes difficult. Prolonged use of unfavorable foods slowly and steadily affects the health of an individual by disturbing the dhatus and their normal functioning and may give rise to several diseases. Unfavorable foods are of several kinds.

Which Food Combinations To Avoid

Bad Food Combinations With Milk

Bad Food Combinations With Milk

Yogurt, salt, radish, radish leaves, green and raw salad, drum sticks, tamarind, musk melon, Bengal quince, coconut, Indian hog plum, lemon, monkey jack, cranberry, star fruit (carambola), blackberry, wood apple, pomegranate, Indian gooseberry, angled luffa, molasses, sesame cake, horse gram, black gram, Turkish gram, Indian millet, coarse grain flour of barley and gram (sattu), oil, sour fruits and substances, fish and milk, wine and gruel are eaten together.

Bad Food Combinations With Yogurt

Rice pudding, milk, cottage cheese, hot foods, and other hot substances, cucumber, musk melon, and the fruit of toddy palm.

Bad Food Combinations With Rice pudding

Jackfruit, sour foods (yogurt, lemon, tamarind, and so on), coarse grain flour of barley and gram (sattu), and alcohol.

Bad Food Combinations With Rice


Bad Food Combinations With Honey

Black nightshade clarified butter (ghee) along with an equal quantity of old honey, rainwater, oil, fat, grapes, lotus seeds, radish, very hot water, hot milk, and other hot substances, safflower leaves, sugar (sherbet containing sugar syrup) and date wine. Warm honey is prohibited.

Bad Food Combinations With Cold water

Bad Food Combinations With Cold water

Clarified butter (ghee), oil, warm milk, hot substances, watermelon, guava, cucumber, snake cucumber, groundnut, and chilgoza (an edible pinenut).

Hot water or other hot drinks

Honey, ice cream, and other cold items.

Bad Food Combinations With Ghee (clarified butter)

Equal amounts of honey and cold water. Kept in a brass container for more than 10 days.

Bad Food Combinations With Muskmelon

Garlic, yogurt, milk, radish leaves, and water.

Bad Food Combinations With Watermelon

Cold water, mint.

Bad Food Combinations With Sesame paste

Cooked Malabar spinach.

Bad Food Combinations With Salt

Its excessive and prolonged use.

Bad Food Combinations With Mustard oil


Bad Food Combinations With Sprouted pulses and grains

Lotus stems; also raw sprouts along with cooked food.

Bad Food Combinations With Black nightshade

Long pepper, black pepper, jaggery, honey, and black nightshade are kept overnight and cooked in a utensil in which fish has been previously cooked.

Bad Food Combinations With Black Gram


Bad Food Combinations With Banana


Such incompatible food combinations cause an imbalance in the dosas and dhātus present in the body. As a consequence, memory diseases may develop. Thus, consider a little before eating.

List Of Opposite Foods

People unaffected by incompatible diet

Prāṇāyāmas, yogasanas, and other exercises develop immunity in the body, and hence, one who exercises regularly; those who regularly consume oily and smooth substances such as milk, clarified butter (ghee), and other such substances; one with strong digestive fire; a physically strong person taking incompatible foods in small amounts does not affect a person much or if affected the result is negligible.

list of opposite foods

Vägbhatta said that yogurt and milk have opposite qualities to those of doșa, duṣya, time, and strength, and hence, their consumption is not always harmful. Its use is to pacify the ailment. In combination, as a result of specific factors, compatible foods sometimes transform into incompatible foods and vice versa. Clearly, due to specific factors, pathya could convert into apathy and likewise, other characters could neutralize this tendency too. Hence, regular exercise or other factors could negate the harm caused by unfavorable (apathy) food but in the future, it may create some problems. Hence, it is better to avoid such foods.


Which Is The Bad Food Combinations With Banana?


Which is the Bad Food Combinations With Mustard oil?


Which is the bad food combinations with black nightshade?

Long pepper, black pepper, jaggery, honey, and black nightshade are kept overnight and cooked in a utensil in which fish has been previously cooked.

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