Folk culture program cut the rhythm of Hindi songs, the artist had to be scolded on stage

A folk culture fair was going on. The main aim of such programs is to promote local art, culture, regional language and songs of that language. In this situation, a controversial incident happened on that stage. A lot of confusion has arisen as to why artists sang Hindi songs at a folk culture fair in Bengal. Finally, the artist apologized. The incident took place in Banipur area of ​​North 24 Parganas.

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media. It is seen there, an artist is singing on the stage. As he shouted ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’, the conductor stopped him. In a rather annoyed tone, the conductor is heard saying, ‘I repeat, this is our Banipur Mela. It is a folk culture fair. It was repeatedly said here, there will be no Hindi songs.

After this the artist is also seen saying, ‘Well, I apologize…’. However, it is not only the artist who has been criticized by the conductor, but also the audience. Aiming at them, the organizer said, ‘Those of you who are in the field, maintain the tradition of Banipur fair, please. I’m telling you…’.

This video has quickly gone viral on social media. Many sages from the political and cultural world have expressed different views on this. Naturally, both sides have different arguments. Some say it is absolutely the right decision. Regional culture and its language should be given priority in such folk culture fairs. Again another class of statement, that no language can be kept alive by force. All in all, this video has given new fuel to the language-culture debate.

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