Father will be laid off in this fear of leaving America! Mystery deepens in missing Indian girl

Father may be laid off from the job. This fear left America (America) fled the Indian-origin teenager? The Telugu speaking year 14 minor is Tanvi Marupalli. He lived with his family in Conway, Arkansas. The family said that there is no trace of him since January 17 this year. Almost a month has passed since then, but the US detectives could not find any trace of the girl. Conway’s police officers made a sensational claim in this situation. Investigators believe that the girl fled the country fearing that her father might lose his job. Tanvi’s family is shocked to hear this argument of the US police. They wanted to know on what basis the investigators reached this conclusion. Besides, Tanveer’s family has also sought the Indian Embassy’s intervention on the issue.

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According to Conway Police, investigators obtained a CCTV footage during the investigation. In that footage, Tanvi is seen leaving for school. But after that, there was no further trace of him. US intelligence also spoke to Tanveer’s school friends during the investigation. Incidentally, Tanvi, the only child of her parents, was growing up in America. His father Pawan Roy Murupalli is working in a technology company in the United States. Recently the company laid off many of their employees. However, Pawan claimed that his name is not in that list. He recently released a video about this. Note that this family went to America from Andhra Pradesh. However, it is not known where the Pawans have their ancestral home in the southern state.

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