Engagement hidden from live-in partner, many sensational facts in Delhi girl murder

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: Sahil Sehgal danced with his friends at his engagement party on February 9. After that, the news of that engagement went to the ears of his live-in partner, Nikki. This started the grumbling. This angered him so much that Data just wrapped his arms around Nikki’s neck and suffocated her. Sahil got married the next day. That is what the police claim.

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Nikki lost her temper at the news of her marriage, hiding her live-in partner. And that’s murder. That’s what the police think. After the murder, Sahil gets into trouble while disposing of the body. But with intelligence, they opened several racks of a refrigerator in their family dhaba and put Nikki’s body in there. After Nikki Yadav goes missing, the police trace Sahil. Nikki’s neighbors said that the missing Nikki’s home is in Jhajjre, Haryana. The CCTV footage that captured him entering his home on February 9 may have been the last time he was seen alive.

The entire incident came to light on February 14. After questioning Sahil, Nikki’s body was recovered from their dhaba that day. After arranging the marriage from home, Sahil is in trouble. He told the police that he once planned to take Nikki to Goa. Later he changed his mind and planned to take him to Himachal.

Sahil told the police that he had visited Nikki’s house in Uttamnagar 15 days before the murder. But after his engagement on February 9, he goes to Nikki’s house and spends the night with her. Then they started trying to reach Himchal. But that plan also failed. But Nikki Sahil is upset about his engagement. Finally, Sahil strangled Nikki to death and took her body to their family dhaba and stuffed it in the fridge.

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