Economic Meltdown: Not Only Sri Lanka, but These Countries Of The World Are Also Suffering Economically

Economic Meltdown: The crisis in Sri Lanka has been going on for a long time. The political crisis there is acute. However, the political crisis is created by the hand of the economic crisis. As a result, the economic crisis of that country is now being discussed. And while analyzing them, the sad picture of the economic decline of other countries is emerging.

Economic Meltdown: Not Only Sri Lanka

It is known that countries around the world have been thrown into economic crisis by two things – the first is the Corona epidemic, the second is the Russia-Ukraine war. And the countries devastated by this twin fall attack. Apart from this, there are many other environmental and internal factors.

Which country is washing?

Along with Sri Lanka, this list includes several countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Ukraine, Argentina, Kenya, Belarus, Nigeria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Peru. Directly and indirectly due to epidemics and wars, all these countries have become entangled in a web of increasing debt, their trade has been disrupted, and their foreign exchange reserves have been depleted.

A few days ago, Imran’s government fell in Pakistan and the grim picture of the country’s struggling economy came out. The economy is very bad in Nepal. And the less said about Ukraine, the better. Because, the country has been devastated from all sides by the long Russian attack. The economy is also failing.

African countries, however, have long been mired in poverty for various reasons. The economic situation there has been leaning for a long time. Education-health and food-security conditions are very poor.

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