Earth Hidden Moon: A New Mini-Moon Was Found Orbiting Earth

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Earth Hidden Moon

He left journalism and became an astronomer a few years ago. He sold everything he had at home in Delhi and Chennai and left for America. To provide ocean crossings.

Does Earth Have 2 Hidden Moons

There, with the help of two telescope eyes, he discovered a hidden moon on Earth. The crescent moon orbits the sun alone, almost all the way to the earth.

Which comes out of the moon and orbits the sun in the orbit of the earth. That is why it could have escaped our notice for so long.

This time, he caught the eye of a Delhi journalist and informed that his body was made of another ‘metal’. In silicate. Which is abundant on the earth. There is also the moon. Silicate that cannot be found in other cosmic objects (‘Near-Earth Object’ or ‘NEO’), including asteroids around Earth. He explained that it was part of the moon. A giant asteroid or meteorite strikes the moon and falls into space. At some point. The way the moon became the ‘moon’ hundreds of millions of years ago when it dropped out of the earth.

Earth’s Hidden Moon: How to make a mistake in this study

Vishnu Reddy, a professor at the University of Arizona who has left the newsroom of a Delhi media to become an astronomer, has traced the hidden moon of the earth to the fifth crescent of this bluish planet. In astronomical terms, those are called ‘quasi satellites’. It was first discovered in 2016. But then it was thought to be a near-earth object near the earth. Small asteroid or any part of it. At that time it was named ‘2016-HO-Three’.


Vishnu’s research broke that mistake. He said it is actually a part of the moon. Whose new name is now ‘Kamovaleva’. The research paper of Vishnu and his colleagues has been published in the international scientific research journal ‘Communications Earth and Environment’.

Mittal Doubted The Hidden Fifth

Four more crescent moons of the Earth, like Kamovaleva, have already been discovered. It is known that they are also part of the moon. But astronomers were skeptical of this ‘fifth’. Research by Vishnu and his associates dispelled that suspicion. Through the Large Binocular Telescope and the Happy Jack Telescope.

“We saw Kamovaleva in two waves of the light spectrum,” Vishnu told Anandabazar Online from Arizona on Thursday. In visible light and infrared rays. Its body is made of silicate in the infrared rays. Which is abundant on the earth. The astronauts of Apollo-14 also collected and brought from the moon. In 1971. This silicate usually does not reside in any near-earth object. So we’re pretty sure it’s not a near-earth object. Part of the moon. Coming out of the moon and orbiting the sun in the orbit of the earth. That is why it could have escaped our notice for so long. The moon also fell out of the earth in this way one day.

Kovalev is very similar in shape to the London Eye (also known as the Ferris wheel). Climbing to the top of the 135-foot-high London Eye, you can clearly see the city of London and all the roads around the 25-kilometer area around it.

Moon From A Village near Chennai

Vishnu told Anandabazar Online that he was born in a village near Chennai. In 1967. Dad and Mom are both doctors. He used to treat in the village. After finishing his studies, he got a job in a media outlet in Delhi. Copy editor work. Suddenly he had to move to Arizona for work. To cover an asteroid program at the university there. Once there, he fell in love with the asteroid. After that, he returned to the country, studied in the middle of the night, passed the GRE exam, left his job in Delhi, and moved to Arizona. He started his teaching and research life.

Vishnu, 43, told Anandabazar Online, “My life has changed since then. Now I am married to an astronomer. The wife’s name is Laurel. “

Vishnu’s strong hope, he will be able to give some more surprising news about the moon in a few days.

Hidden Moon Discover | Earth Has Two Hidden Moons


Does the Earth have hidden moons?

In 2018, it was confirmed two dust clouds orbited Earth at the Moon’s L4 and L5 points.

Can a moon have moons?


What if Earth had two moons?

Earth had two moons, it would be catastrophic

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