Earthquake devastated Turkey, Bambo-Hanira returned home after rescue work

The 47-member Indian rescue team returned home after completing the rescue work in earthquake-ravaged Turkey. Two specially trained rescuers named Rambo and Honey returned with them. While the first team of rescuers has returned, another NDRF team is said to be still busy with rescue operations.

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More than 40,000 people have died in the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria so far. Millions of people have become homeless. After the February 6 earthquake, several places in Turkey have been turned into ruins.

At that time, New Delhi gave a message to stand by Turkey in the rescue work. Modi government decided to send an Indian rescue team of 100 people to Turkey. The team consisted of four specially trained rescue dogs named Rambo, Honey, Romeo and Julie.

An NDRF team including Rambo and Honey returned on Friday after nearly 10 days of rescue operations. Members of the returning rescue team said that Romeo and Julie showed exceptional skill in the rescue operation. A six-year-old girl trapped in the rubble was reportedly helped to rescue her.

until the end the ruins He said that it was possible to rescue the person. Note that the magnitude of the earthquake on February 6 was 7.8. After that, Turks also face aftershocks. In the incident, several regions of Turkey were turned into ruins. Then it starts Rescue work. Apart from removing the debris and recovering the bodies, there is also a search for life.

Even if they survive, many people become homeless. They have to spend their days in extreme fear. Some of the victims have complained about the government’s failure in rescue and relief. It is also claimed that the administration is not helping the homeless.

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