Due to the threat of militants, China decided to close its embassy in Pakistan

China’s tough decision due to continuous threats of militants! Beijing decided to temporarily close the consulate office in Pakistan. Also, Chinese citizens living in Pakistan have been advised by the government of Xi Jinping to be careful. It is feared that the relationship between the two countries may deteriorate in this incident.

In the United Nations Security Council meeting, India has repeatedly demanded the banning of Pakistani militants. But at that time Beijing was seen to be on the side of Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. They veto several proposals of India.

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According to sources, this time Beijing has decided to temporarily close its consulate office in Pakistan for fear of the terrorist threat. It will remain closed until a transitional decision is taken, according to a statement from the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. However, the Chinese Embassy of Pakistan gave another reason behind the temporary closure of the consulate office. They said that the decision to temporarily close was due to technology issues.

According to sources, for the past few days, some organizations have threatened to attack the Chinese embassy in Pakistan. The threats were allegedly made by Tehreek-e Taliban (TTP) and Baloch militants. After that, it was decided to temporarily close the consulate office in consultation with Beijing as a precaution.

Meanwhile, the decision to close the Chinese consulate office is reeling Pak Govt. Pak Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah held a meeting with security officials on the 12th about security. It is reported that the security aspects of domestic and foreign citizens were discussed in that meeting. To ensure safety, all measures have been ordered.

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