Drone Attack On The Headquarters Of Russia, Leaving The Ground And Spreading The War On The Black Sea?

Drone Attack On The Headquarters Of Russia: After the Missile Cruiser ‘Moskva’, the target is the headquarters of the Russian Fleet. There was a drone attack there on Sunday.

Drone Attack On The Headquarters Of Russia

The whole area shook with the sound of the explosion. Moscow claimed that 6 people were injured in the incident. This drone attack (Drone Attack) carried out by Ukraine (Ukraine), is somehow confirmed by the Kremlin (Kremlin). However, the Russian naval officers are investigating how the attack took place after the security bolts were tightened. On the other hand, Kyiv did not accept responsibility for the attack until this news was published. Although due to this incident, military experts estimate that the war may spread to the Black Sea after leaving the territory of Ukraine.

Drone Attack On The Headquarters Of Russia, Leaving The Ground And Spreading The War On The Black Sea?

The Russian Fleet has its headquarters in Sevastopol, Crimea. Moscow controls the entire Black Sea from here. Be it Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer, Missile Cruiser, Frigate, or Submarine — all orders from their deployment come from this Sevastopol office. On Sunday, the office was targeted by a drone loaded with explosives. Russian naval officers claim that high-powered drones were not attacked. They also claimed that the drone is probably homemade. However, where it was flown from is still unknown to Russia. The distance of Sevastopol from the mainland of South Ukraine (South Ukraine) is about 170 kilometers. Moreover, Moscow claims that a large part of southeastern Ukraine has been captured. In this situation, the Kremlin is worried about this drone attack from there.

Along with the Russian Navy, the mayor of Sevastopol also acknowledged the drone attack. He claimed that 6 people were injured due to the explosion. However, the mayor did not clarify whether they are navy personnel. On the other hand, military experts believe that a Russian naval officer was the target of the drone attack. Failing there, the drone exploded elsewhere.

Last April, the Russian warship “Moscow” was sunk by a Ukrainian missile attack. Not being able to withstand the impact of the ‘Neptune anti-ship missile (Neptune anti-ship missile), the missile cruiser of Moscow was buried. Since then, the Kremlin has increased its activity in the Black Sea region. Russia has surrounded the Black Sea by dropping one warship after another. Due to this, the movement of cargo ships on that route has almost stopped. The Black Sea will be red with blood when Russian warships start raining gunpowder after the drone strike in Sevastopol. And if that happens, experts estimate that the global financial crisis will increase.

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