Doom! A huge asteroid is coming towards the earth at high speed, know the details

Washington: A huge asteroid is approaching the earth’s orbit. Such a warning has been given by the space research agency NASA. However, nothing has been said about the extent of the damage to the earth.

According to the Daily Star News report, this huge asteroid is approaching at a fast speed. This massive asteroid has been named, 199145 (2005 YY128). this the asteroid About 1 km wide. According to scientists, this asteroid may hit the Earth’s orbit within the next week.

This is very close to earth the asteroid can leave The asteroid is said to be 1870 to 4265 feet wide. By February 16, the asteroid will come within 4.5 million kilometers of Earth, NASA said. However, NASA is not sure whether the asteroid will collide with Earth’s orbit.

However, NASA has also made it clear that there is nothing to panic at the moment. Because the possibility of no greater harm than this stone is created right away. From the current glimpses, it is clear that it will pass far from Earth.

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Another asteroid passed very close to Earth recently. The asteroid, named 2023 BU 21, was first identified in January, according to reports. Last January 27 at around 12:30 pm it passed very close to the earth. This asteroid passes from a distance of 3500 km from Earth.

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