Do not go near this insect even by mistake, one bite can be fatal

Washington: A small insect. And the bite of this insect can lead to severe infection. The situation may go to a point where you may have to forget about non-vegetarian food.

The name of this insect is Lone Star Tick. Its scientific name is Amblyoma americanum and it is found in the Midwest, East and Southeast regions of America. The insect is very small in size. It has white spots on its back. Its bite causes a red rash and burning sensation on the skin. Headache, neck pain and even difficulty in moving the face. These are only superficial symptoms, but the effects that follow are simply terrifying.

The insect’s body contains a special substance called alpha-gel. It is said that millions of years ago, human body also had such elements. But now it is not. But if this material enters the body, it can cause serious allergic problems. According to the report, people suffering from this problem have to stay away from foods like fish and meat. Because, eating all these foods can increase the problem of allergy again. As a result, he has to face great problems.

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This insect is endemic in several states of the United States. But now many different drugs are out. But all experts advise to avoid this insect in general.

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