Direct challenge to Trump, Indian-origin Nikki Haley in the US presidential race

Donald Trump: Trump’s challenge in the US presidential election is Nikki Haley. An Indian origin announced his name as a candidate. Republican Haley is optimistic about winning. America’s presidential election (America President Election) surprise. Another member of his party announced himself as a presidential candidate to challenge Donald Trump. Nicky Haley of Indian origin said that he decided to show himself in front of the new generation. American presidential election next year. Former President Donald Trump has already decided to contest the election. The governor of Carolina during the Trump administration decided to compete against the former boss.

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In the presidential election “It’s time for a new generation of leadership,” said Haley, a Republican who announced himself as a candidate. It’s time to shift from fiscal responsibility to border security and strengthening the nation’. Indo-American Nikki did not stop here. In a video message, she claimed to be the daughter of an Indian. He also commented that this is the time to rewrite the history of America. Incidentally, 51-year-old Nikki Haley has also served as the American ambassador to the United Nations in addition to serving as the governor of South Carolina under Donald Trump. Nicky is known to be a fierce critic of Trump in the Republican party.

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