Dinesh Gunawardena Is The New Prime Minister Of Sri Lanka

Dinesh Gunawardena Is The New Prime Minister Of Sri Lanka: End of all speculation. The new Prime Minister chose Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka Prime Minister). Dinesh Gunawardena has been announced as the Prime Minister. Dinesh is said to be close to former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Because Dinesh Gunawardene served as Sri Lanka’s Home Minister during Rajapaksa’s presidency.

Dinesh Gunawardena Is The New Prime Minister Of Sri Lanka

The post of Prime Minister became vacant after Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in as the eighth President of Sri Lanka. Speculations were going on as to who would claim the post. All speculation ends on Friday. The new Prime Minister of the island nation is veteran politician Dinesh Gunawardene.

It was indicated on Thursday that President Wickremesinghe can choose Dinesh Gunawardene as the Prime Minister. According to sources, as long as the opposition parties in the country do not cooperate in running the country, the new president said that he will work with the old cabinet members. Similarly, the new president entrusted the responsibility of the country’s prime minister to the home minister of Rajapaksa Jamana. Apart from the Home Minister, the new Prime Minister also served as the Education Minister of Sri Lanka.

When Dinesh Gunawardene was elected as the Prime Minister, the informed circles of the country think that there may be a new start of protests in the country. The new Prime Minister is not only close to the outgoing President Rajapaksa, but also a member of his party SLPP.

Former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is held by most of the country’s people to be responsible for the island nation’s current economic situation. Thousands of people erupted in protest against him. Gotabaya left the country after realizing the heat of the protests. In this situation, there is a doubt whether the people of the country will accept the closeness of the former president at all.

Meanwhile, after Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in as the country’s eighth president, he held a meeting with the leaders of the opposition on Thursday. Opposition Leader of Sri Lankan Parliament Sajith Premadasa informed about a meeting of the opposition party with the new president. The opposition leader said in a tweet that everyone needs help in the current situation in Sri Lanka. Opposition leader Sajith feels that reaching a national consensus is more urgent than handing over ministries.

The biggest challenge for Sri Lanka’s new president is to lift the country out of a bankrupt economy. The new president has only one representative in the current Sri Lankan parliament. Ranil Wickremesinghe believes that the development of the country is not possible without the help of all parties. The biggest question is whether Sri Lanka can overcome all obstacles in this situation.

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