Digha, Mandarmani’s disease in St. Martin of Bangladesh! New Udya to attract tourists

Saint Martin: In a novel attempt to save the beach, the government of Bangladesh sent a message of awareness to the hoteliers from the tourists who made replicas of fish and marine animals octopus with plastic packets and bottles to make the beach free of plastic.

St. Martin Beach in Cox’s Bazar District In Bangladesh It has become the main tourist attraction Several resorts have sprung up along the beach However, people are destroying the natural balance of the beach by throwing water or cold drink bottles from packets of chips while visiting the beach It is not possible to monitor every tourist, so this is an attempt to make tourists aware and alert

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Along with surveillance by the St. Martin Beach Police and Border Police, the administration believes awareness is the key to this problem So with the help of a local artist and environmental activists, two huge replicas have been created in the middle of the beach A fish and a marine animal of the octopus The loss of fish and octopus due to natural balance and pollution indirectly affects human life and livelihood.

Along with such efforts to protect the environment in the midst of St. Martin’s beaches, a bigger problem is brewing A trend of throwing packets and water bottles into the sea water was seen among many tourists On the one hand, despite the message of awareness to save St. Martin’s beach, the carelessness of people on the way to St. Martin’s beach is somewhat worrying.

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5-6 small passenger ships ply daily from Teknaf in Bangladesh on the Nabi River From the start of the journey from Teknaf, you will see a special type of bird, which chases after the ship to eat the food thrown by the ship’s passengers. And to enjoy the natural scenery, the tourists throw various types of potato chips or biscuits from the stall of the ship and throw them into the river or sea water and the birds fly away with the food.

Even though it was right until now, the scene that suddenly came into view was a bit startling After feeding the birds with biscuits and chips, cold drink bottles are thrown from the plastic packets into the sea water. As a result, the level of pollution in the sea is increasing Damage to aquatic life If it continues in this way, another major natural disaster is inevitable On the one hand, a group of ignorant people are trying to spread pollution, while at the same time, a group of people are also giving a message to protect the environment. Now let’s see who is the winner

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